In a Techno Forest, near a Dark factory, the Druid State was born.

Lukas is Czech music producer based in Ostrava, focused on fusion of Psychedelic, Techno, Trance and Dub in his production.


Lukas has been active at the Czech Rave scene as a DJ and promoter at Free parties and Teknivals in the Czech Republic and Europe since 2001. He is one of the founding members of the Protoss Sound System and he was playing Techno vinyl sets back then.


In 2007, he started playing as DJ Genaro at Psytrance parties in Prague as well as organizing parties there. Between 2007 and 2014, he was focusing mainly on the organization of Psytrance parties and DJing in Prague and Ostrava. He also kept playing many DJ sets on the Freetekno scene.


During this period, he slowly became bored with the search for the „right tracks“ for his sets, therefore, he decided to start creating his own music.


In 2014, he bought his first Groovebox and bunch of Synthesizers and he almost immediately started playing hardware-only live sets on both scenes as Genaro LIVE. In 2015, his friend Kosmak joined him and Genetix LIVE was formed. Together, they played many live sets at parties. The duo is not active anymore.


In 2016, Lukas felt that he needed to move forward and create something more sophisticated, so he started recording the sounds of his machines onto a PC and building his first tracks. In 2017, he began working on first album which was finished in early 2020.


And the story continues…



The Light

The Light – 07:42 – 125 bpm


Shroomer – 08:45 – 125 bpm

Druid State

1 – Tribe calling – 07:22 – 142 bpm

2 – Druid State – 8:59 – 142 bpm

Searching for DubTrance

1 – Faith in Dance – 07:11 – 142 bpm

2 – Dissalvation – 5:49 – 142 bpm


Spessartine Dreams

1 – Catch the Vision – 10:53 – 142 bpm

2 – Fontanela – 8:47 – 142 bpm



The driving idea behind this album was the necessity to create a more comprehensive picture of my musical visions and to take my ideas born during my period of playing hardware live sets at parties further. The work on this album took more than 2 years and I was focused on creating music that I enjoyed and was happy to create. Enjoy!

1 – Harmony – 7:16 – 65/130 bpm

2 – Boomerang – 6:00 – 130 bpm

3 – Happiness – 7:32 – 130 bpm

4 – K Dottt – 7:42 – 130 bpm

5 – Encounter with Druid – 10:38 – 140 bpm